Monday, June 15, 2009

Jonah Youngblood- Final Projects

Dante's Inferno Cover

Endangered Species Postcard

Boy-O-Bagels Concept Poster

Advanced Image Manipulation-D.Carey

Project3: Create a book jacket and promotional poster for an existing penguin press book re-release.

Project2: Create 3 promotional postcards about endangered species, and an endangered species event that is happening.

Project1: Boy-o bagel project. Create 3 different advertisements for a fictional bagel company, and create a logo to represent the company.

Wayne Lai -Book Jacket Layout

Boy o Bagel


All my work for Advanced Image Manipulation

Book Design

Endangered Species Postcard


Jaryd Thomson

Wayne Lai - Book Poster

These are the three projects I did in this class.  The book cover is my favorite, although it is supposed to be pure black, I don't know why it looks the way it does on the blog website.  I will probably go back and work on the bagel ads a little more and make them look better.  The tiger postcard on the front was pretty successful, although the back could be re-worked so the text looks better.

thanks for the memories, dan :)

project one: advertisements

project two: photo composite

project three: book cover

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