Tuesday, July 21, 2009

This is a compilation of 5 or 6 images, using masking and lighting to try to bring it together as a single piece. The toilet was cut from a busy photo, the fish have been changed a lot in color and vibrance etc...
The collection developed into a small statement about the poor environmental condition of our planet. Even the fish is trying to escape.

Monday, July 20, 2009

don't fear the reaper

this was created out of four images resized to fit the perspective of the image. All images were grayscaled for dramatic effect. Tools used were the polygonal, magic wand, feathering tool, eraser, as well as opacity changes in the reaper figure to fade him into the background.

A winged, tattooed elephant on Mars with It crawling out of its trunk while balancing on Thing who is sinking in quicksand.

Baby Inferno 3 by Josh Halford, David Short & Wendy Williams

Surreal Project - Kyle, Brittany, Adam, and Jessica

We kind of went over at least a ton of concepts before coming down to this. We knew that we wanted a boat doing something, either diving into the water or flying in the sky. Since the water idea didn't go through, we chose to have it flying.

There is about 4 to 6 images used, with a good amount of cloning and FX usage dubbed in it.

We tried to make things simple and easy to read (image wise) and went after the approach of it being a kid's movie.

The Almost Best Surreal Project

The surreal project needed to incorporate three or more images. We just decide to combine five images into one image that really didn't make any sense. This is the finished piece. We overlayed a baby fetus into the eyeball, while the floating octopus tree holds it in space. We chose cool colors for our color palette and used a outer glow on the tree, even though Dan hated it, to make it look icy. We all enjoyed this project.