Monday, July 20, 2009

A winged, tattooed elephant on Mars with It crawling out of its trunk while balancing on Thing who is sinking in quicksand.


  1. I masked the elephant out of his BG and moved his legs and tail. Then. I cut apart wings from a goose and pasted them on the elephant and pulled his skin up into the ing to look more natural. I made all the new shadows and compiled the image.

  2. We brainstormed the idea together, throwing random concepts out into a group brainstorm. The first thing we decided on was the elephant. Then we decided to include wings, and hieroglyphics. We viewed the surreal task as "trippy" and wanted to juxtapose a few very different images. IT was introduced, and so was Mars (as a setting).

    I personally took the task of finding a background. Since I'm very new to photoshop, I found the task appropriately challenging. My task was to colorize a desert scene into something more reminiscent of the planet Mars. I found a reliable tutorial online and used quick masks to adjust the colors in the sky and the sand, separately, then gave the file to Steven, our group leader apparent, and he assembled the final image out of the individual image manipulations.

  3. What K. B. said +...

    I worked on the hand "Thing" separating it from its background along with the clown "It". I helped with the inspiration process, coming up with the ideas and concepts.