Monday, July 20, 2009

Surreal Project - Kyle, Brittany, Adam, and Jessica

We kind of went over at least a ton of concepts before coming down to this. We knew that we wanted a boat doing something, either diving into the water or flying in the sky. Since the water idea didn't go through, we chose to have it flying.

There is about 4 to 6 images used, with a good amount of cloning and FX usage dubbed in it.

We tried to make things simple and easy to read (image wise) and went after the approach of it being a kid's movie.


  1. I like the final outcome of the project. I found some birds and thought of some ideas for the text. I'm happy with it.

  2. I think it turned out well. I did the "Flying into theaters this Fall" and placed some of the images inside the poster. I think the text stands out pretty well, and the overall composition looks nice. -Brittany H

  3. I think the final turned out good. I did some pre-putting together of a sail boat and clouds with text, mainly coming from a concept that brittany gave me and birds adam found... hence the sailboat in the final. Overall we did a good job.