Monday, September 21, 2009

Seminole Mural Steven, Rosy, Kristin, Cece

$12/sq ft on vinyl. The image on the right of the mural is a famous Seminole and the one on the left is a drawing of their ancient people. The brown background on the right is leather made 100% in Photoshop. The map of Florida shows their travel routes. We wanted to show their heritage and the journey they embarked.

For this project, we decided to focus on the clans of the Seminole indian tribes ♥ Everybody did they're part and then we put everything together. We took everyones images and merged them together and adjusted the blending options. We also adjusted the levels and the hue and saturation. We made the animals red to blend in better with the colors we chose for the background. We decided to keep the colors similar to the seminole indian flag.

Jessica Pecoraro and Adam Bentley. Image Manipulation Final

For the final project of image manipulation we were told to make a mural for an entrance way to a Seminole Indian museum. We started with the process and the overall layout of the piece. We knew we wanted a photo of an Indian in there and some representation of Florida as well. There is a pinkish worn out texture behind the whole piece and we changed the blending modes of all the photos to make the image look rough and weathered. We also used the eraser with a low opacity to blend the water scene and Florida together. For the vector image we used text taken from illustrator and blended that as well to make it fit with the whole image. Overall we are satisfied with the final outcome.

Final Project

Group: Alan Rodriguez, Drew Grywalski, Robert Cabral

The two figures within the image are the first two chiefs of the Seminole tribes. The one on the left Osceola was chieftain by reason of his abilities as a warrior and commander during the memorable struggle of his people with the United States in the Seminole war of 1835. On the right is Coacoochee, the chief of The Black Seminoles, they lived together but maintained a different identity. He fought along side with Osceola, and then after of which drifted to the north west of Florida.

Alan R - Researched history and inspired various design possibilities.
Robert C - Initial pattern design generated and stretched, as well as locating images of the chiefs
Drew G - Composed the images in Photoshop and thought up of the pattern repetition along with border design.

Josh Halford, David Short, Wendi Williams - Image Manipulation student project - cc - not for commercial use

We went for a classical look. We kept to the sepia tone and wanted to give a very old, worn look. We wanted to combine several images associated not only with native Americans, but the Seminole tribe specifically. That's why we included a picture of Florida where the Seminole are known to have resided. We also added the native American patterns on the top and bottom to help communicate the theme to the viewer.

We kept our prject very traditional. Using lots of warm natural colors. We took the pettern on the background from a quilt. Used filters in photoshop to make it look more like a painting. The sillouettes were cut out and added a maroon to black gradient to make them pop off the pattern. The text was included for those who have come to this center to learn more about the seminole indians...also thought it was required for somereason...

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Kyle Kortvely and Brittany Howard - Image Manipulation - Final Student Project - cc - not for commercial use

Our goal for this project was to make a striking and powerful image. We didn’t want to go with anything too traditional, or something that felt like a painted mural. We picked images of strong Indians, and wanted to highlight them the most in the image. We used the cut out filter to make the images seem strong, and edgy. The background is a picture of a creek. It’s symbolizing that the Seminole Indians are descendants of the Creek Nation, and their love of nature.

We manipulated the background to keep with the bold imagery. The red, yellow, black, and white theme keeps with the colors of the Seminole Indian logo. We added the feathers for another design element, and circled them around the main Indian’s head to reflect the circle used in their logo. The feathers are our vector shapes.

For our process, we did a lot of research on the Seminole Indians, mainly with their website as the most informational source. We wanted to make sure the information we got was from their culture, and not another Indian culture. We made several concepts, some traditional, and some not. We got all the images from Getty. For the feathers, we got images of a regular feather, and used the pen tool to trace it inside Illustrator.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Final Project

Students please post your final project here (scaled down to 800 x 600px max) before the final class session. Make sure that you label the post "YOUR NAME - CLASS NAME student project - cc - not for commercial use" and write up at least a paragraph describing your goals and process for the project.

Please email me a write up of your research regarding printing process and paper choices to Include all group members names in the title of a .pdf process/research document optimized for web viewing.

I apologize but I will not be returning to class, but will grade your final projects.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009