Monday, September 21, 2009

Jessica Pecoraro and Adam Bentley. Image Manipulation Final

For the final project of image manipulation we were told to make a mural for an entrance way to a Seminole Indian museum. We started with the process and the overall layout of the piece. We knew we wanted a photo of an Indian in there and some representation of Florida as well. There is a pinkish worn out texture behind the whole piece and we changed the blending modes of all the photos to make the image look rough and weathered. We also used the eraser with a low opacity to blend the water scene and Florida together. For the vector image we used text taken from illustrator and blended that as well to make it fit with the whole image. Overall we are satisfied with the final outcome.

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  1. I am pleased with the final outcome, as far as what it would cost, I found that it would be 15/sq ft. So it was over $3500 to print. Also overall we shared the work evenly, switching back and forth on the computer and researching.