Monday, September 21, 2009

Final Project

Group: Alan Rodriguez, Drew Grywalski, Robert Cabral

The two figures within the image are the first two chiefs of the Seminole tribes. The one on the left Osceola was chieftain by reason of his abilities as a warrior and commander during the memorable struggle of his people with the United States in the Seminole war of 1835. On the right is Coacoochee, the chief of The Black Seminoles, they lived together but maintained a different identity. He fought along side with Osceola, and then after of which drifted to the north west of Florida.

Alan R - Researched history and inspired various design possibilities.
Robert C - Initial pattern design generated and stretched, as well as locating images of the chiefs
Drew G - Composed the images in Photoshop and thought up of the pattern repetition along with border design.

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