Monday, August 17, 2009

Image Restoration

So, instead of finding some random image on the web, I opted for using one of my own. It wasn't this damaged originally, but I had to get creative for instructional purposes.

This was capture by my grandfather, at my Marine Corps Recruit Training Graduation, back in 2004. There were better ones to pick from, but my grandfather kept the negatives and I didn't have doubles for them. Anywho, after manually damaging it, I scanned it and fixed it little by little. Aside from the clone tool, I used some smearing and softening for some of the more stubborn spots. To finish it off, I kicked the vividity up a tad. That's all I have...

- Juan


  1. how do I know you just didnt save a copy of the original? ♥

  2. this should be hung in a gallery somewhere, but close to me so I can go see it every weekend. I can gaze for days at this life defining piece. This is your legacy.

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  4. Here's PROOF of the work, BRAT. >:P

    Copy, paste and see;

  5. too much work, I just wish you would of put that much effort into the assignment. ♥

  6. just kidding juan ♥

    good job.