Monday, August 3, 2009

project 1

I started this project searching through as many images as i could find. After that i new i want one of the ferret standing up boldly, and especially that its eyes were visible, one to make contact with the viewer and two because of they're dark fur around his eyes sometimes it was hard to see at all. I went the boring brown motif, as my partner said in class, but i wanted to include the ferrets native lands and really display the beauty they are apart of. I selected the outside border color using the color selection(?) tool and selected the color out of the background image so it would have a nice match, especially since it all needed to be printed. I didnt want to intrupt the image with text so i included it in the border, and it all became more of a design issue when the text was on the bottom, after i made the two symbols black and brownish in stead of black and white...then i decided to put it on the side and it worked better that way to further seperate the text and image. The back i kept very simple, almost plain. I wanted to leave lots of room and not too busy. The $5 coupon is aligned with the text on the front so the person that is utilizing this postcard can cut off they're coupon and still have a nice, uninterrupted image on the other side

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